Yang Ming Seafood – Zi Char With Premium Seafood Including Lobsters, Crabs & Bamboo Clams

Yang Ming Seafood

Yang Ming Seafood is a popular zi char eatery which offers an amazing menu, specializing premium live seafood at very reasonable prices. Tucked away in an unassuming Bishan neighbournood, this fuss-free, nondescript place is bustling with life with diners.

Yang Ming Seafood Display

It is not difficult to understand why it is so popular. With a huge selection of premium live seafood including Australian & Boston lobsters, Sri Lankan crabs, bamboo clams, geoduck, Canadian clams, turbot and other fishes, being “spoilt for choice” is an understatement. It is impressive to see a local Zi Char eatery stocking such a huge variety of premium seafood, to say the least.

Yang Ming Seafood may not be a prestigious Chinese restaurant, but we dare say the food quality is good and definitely one that has earned our loyalty. We will go out on a limb to say that Yang Ming Seafood is one of the best Zi Char restaurants in Singapore.


15 Must-Try Certified Spanish Restaurants in Singapore for Amazing Spanish Food

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We are always down for good Spanish food! Fiery, flavourful and fun, these stellar Spanish restaurants in Singapore check all the aforementioned boxes and will satisfy your cravings for your favourite Spanish food.

ICEX Spain, the government agency promoting foreign trade and investment in Spain, has recently launched the “Restaurants From Spain” Certification Program to recognise the pivotal role Spanish restaurants play in sharing the Spanish culture.

Singapore, which is the first country in Asia where the program was launched, has awarded the certificate to a total of 15 Spanish restaurants. These restaurants share an affinity with Spanish gastronomy based on genuine roots, ingredients, recipes and quality.

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